Autolife / Automobile Lifestyles

Founded in 2012 by Power-Gomez Publishing – Autolife is the first lifestyles media dedicated to the automobile – bringing you auto-influenced lifestyles.

In the glossy full color pages of the print publication you’ll find highlights of local resident’s lives relating to their cars – as their cars for many have become the nucleolus to their lives. The automobile brands are becoming part of peoples lives and filtering into fashion, home furnishings, dining and nightlife to name a few.

In 2019 Autolife became available as a brand magazine, used by dealerships as a content marketing tool. A powerful channel to the local car-buying resident, allowing local dealerships to create and nurture relationships, manage the customer lifecycle and support custom experience and satisfaction.

Autolife Magazine is supported by an Online version, A consumer products catalog and offers licensing opportunities.

Drive Dealer solutions

Drive Dealer Solutions is a suite of dealer offerings from B R A N D , I n c., our sister company at Power-Gomez, LLC. (

Following auto dealer sales solutions ‘Dealer Position’ and ‘Dealer of Choice, Drive is a professional services group dedicated to solving the traditional model dealership problems resulting from Covid 19, and the influx of entrant business models in used car sales. like Carvana, CarMax and others.

Drive offerings focus on delivering solutions to dealer branding, sales cycle and ownership lifecycle. All allowing omnichannel car review and selection, test drive and purchase solutions. Ownership lifecycle solutions include ancillary offerings and broad F & I offerings.