Autolife Magazine is a result of Chris Power-Gomez’ love for cars. During his thirty-five years as a senior executive in the creative space he launched many magazines, and now he mixes his creative brilliance and automotive love in the pages of Automobile Lifestyles Magazine.

Growing up in Malibu Canyon had Chris honing his driving skills since he was fifteen – he was busting laps through mulholland on anything that had wheels. His motorcycle racing career started at fifteen at Ascot Raceway, racing flat track. That continued with Motocross until finishing High School.

That’s when building custom cars and trucks became a business. While attending UCLA Chris started businesses customizing cars, vans and trucks in the late 70s, and hasn’t stopped.


PowerGomez Motorsports designs, develops, manufactures and sells high performance vehicles built from base chassis of Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Mustang and BMW. A low volume vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing company focusing on the customization of automobiles that have sales success.

PowerGomez Motorsports-branded products include a line of high performance and upgraded muscle cars, off road vehicles, automotive aftermarket parts and lifestyle accessories.

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