Dealer Background

There was a time when auto dealerships were built in the center of the community, and were iconic architecture the residents looked up to.

Then came the auto mall, consolidating automaker brands into an area near the interstate. Customer relationships dwindled. Sales although staying consistent over decades, became more difficult. Internet solutions like live leads became a quick way to find a customer in the buying cycle… so the sales program focused on embracing and closing.

2019 found the lowest customer experience/ customer satisfaction numbers in history. Relationships with the most valuable customer – the local resident were nearly eliminated. The new purchase trend showed customers online through the first segments of the buy.

New business models start to taker the customer experience by storm.

As dramatic disruption comes to automotive showrooms, proactive dealers can benefit greatly.

Dealers are operating in an increasingly disrupted environment, creating the need for dealers to review their own operating model, identify and unlock operational efficiencies, and discover new ways to operate in a digital, omnichannel environment.