Customer DRIVEN

The Auto dealer industry, even-before entering Covid had received dismal customer experience ratings. Many factors involved, but it really comes down to losing touch with the customer.

Views of what’s needed to see dealers thrive are coming-in from every angle. Customer-Driven wants to look past the dealer point-of-view and speak directly to the customer. 

Customer DRIVEN, the weekly blog identifying the auto-buying customer’s position and perspectives regarding the purchase cycle experience, and the ownership lifecycle. 

Chris Power-Gomez and Paul MacFarland, partners in Drive Dealer Solutions look for more than data concerning elevating the dealer experience. Not satisfied with the industry view, they set out to engage community residents looking for answers.

Topics range from feedback regarding choices of manufacturer brand, pricing, test drives and purchase process. Also discussed will be F&I, what they’d like to see as a ownership lifecycle with service, accessories, and how the dealer can move them toward their next purchase.