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DealerPosition is best practice professional services firm, dedicated to the positioning of auto dealerships.

Utilizing formulas  known as ‘best practice’, DealerPosition has four decades of experience in auto dealership brand, image and positioning. Our founder and key executives have depth of experience with the global ad agencies and business strategy firms, on manufacturer accounts. These practices have seen success with some of the most successful business in the World.

What is dealership positioning? Selling the manufacturer’s brand and adopting their brand guide is only half the battle. Our work goes to integrating your store into the lives and lifestyles of your target, most valuable customer. Offerings specific to:

maBrand, brand re fresh and character nuances – Again simply stating the manufacturer brand and name of your city isn’t going to attract the specific clientele you’re hoping for. DealerPosition are masters at true customer alignment.

Customer touch-points within your dealership strategically manage the customer through a pre-establised processs resulting in potential sales, service or parts purchases. Special customer lounge or sspecialty customer experience areas.

In-store marketing – promote your ancillary services through special customer areas. The lounge, the coffee bar, detailing – just a few of what stores are offering as attraction mechanisms. Signage, multi-media showcasing throughout the dealership will move traffic and promote the dealership from within.

Marketing and marketing channels – DealerPosition is the result of our founder’s success in global advertising. His passion is cars, and he’s been in the dealership business all his life. Add his being the youngest Art Director of MGM/UA, youngest Art Director of Visual Merchandising for Macy’s/May Company’s 140 store chain… with creative responsibility for ever foot of floor space…. and you see where we’ve come from. We’re also aligned with Power-Gomez Publishing, producers and distributors of Autolife Magazine and their brand content marketing publications.

Data show approx. 95% of car sales are at dealerships. Also shown is the dealership struggle with refining their internal sales process, consumer education, community / brand relations (dealer), unique offerings for ancillary profit centers and generally bringing people in the doors.

Our efforts are specifically designed for auto dealerships to market, communicate, build and nurture relationships with their local residents. Display advertising and editorial crafted specifically for your dealership, specifically for your neighbors.