c o m u n i t y

It’s a new time, to get back to the way it used to be…

Drive Sealer Solutions, for the next chapter.

Drive is a new kind of dealer solutions company. Born not out the the dealer vendor space or rising from a salesperson with big ideas. Drive is a firm that has it’s finger on the pulse of auto dealers, community residents; and the need to re-unite the two.

Our two founders are veterans of global advertising, with successful experience with manufacturer accounts. Both with some forty-years-each, and both passionate about dealership success.

Our work goes specific to the auto dealership brand and integrating it with the community. Newfound customer relationship development, revenue and media channels and aftermarket & accessory programs for the ownership lifecycle.

It’s simple – We integrate your store into the lives and lifestyles of your target, most valuable customer…. local residents.

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