From multi car collections to exotic daily drivers and hobby cars, Americans love their cars.

Every community in our Nation holds examples of how the American lifestyle is impacted by the automobile. Americans spend their time and money to buy, build and collect amazing examples of hobby cars. 

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Historic Hot Rods, European Super Cars – hobby cars are common throughout Nation.  Americans have no problem using their disposable income to fill their garages and their time with meticulously built hobby cars. The cars they are buying, building and maintaining are incredible.

As example, here’s a small business owner who built his ’67 Chevelle from the ground up. A 600hp monster he built with his own hands, hiding-away in his home garage every chance he had. He picked it up as pretty much a shell and has painstakingly rebuilt it.

Now that it’s complete, he takes it out on Saturday nights to local restaurants where he and others park their car to share and be seen. Occasionally you’ll see it parked out in front of his auto-related business, it’s become an icon for the folks in his community.

We sat with him while he and his wife enjoyed dinner… and a little shop-talk. He says in the four years he’s had the car, he’s put nearly $200,000 into it. When asked if he felt bad about spending that kind of money he said, “a-lot ya I spend a lot, but ya can’t take it with ya!” He has three kids, one in high school, two in college. His hobby car gives him an outlet to get away from all the stresses of life.


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