What does it take to have ‘THE BEST GARAGE’?

Is it the house, the garage, the cars, or the interior design. We’ve probably all got a different opinion. In any community, you’ll find examples of some incredible garages. Eight-car, four-car with lifts, subterranean, you name it. So the editors here at Autolife Magazine thought…“why don’t we build a-little competition”!?

Introducing ‘Garage Wars’, a regular feature highlighting the best, most intriguing garages in our community.



Check it out one car… on a turn table – pretty tough NOT to appreciate this! And the Impala, PERFECT. That’s what makes this so difficult, one-man’s garage is another man’s shed, is another man’s workshop.

Here’s a few examples of awesome to get your juices flowing!

Is this the house, or the garage? Hmmm, the cars are there, but there’s a front door? Is that fair? Anyone can just put the cars in the front room and call Autolife Magazine! 


We are impressed with a red Ferrari, nice cabinets and a custom ‘barn door’ garage door. That’s good stuff. We’ve huddled up on this one, and we think a hot girl would be way more effective in winning the Best Garage Award.




These two examples of the best of the best are going to make it very tough for us to choose. But we are trained professionals. READ THE UPCOMING SUMMER ISSUE FOR OUR DECISION ON WHAT IS THE BEST GARAGE, AND WHO WINS THE $5,000!


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