Electric cars. Expensive garages. 0 to 60. Hybrid anything. That’s just the beginning…..

Every issue will hold examples of what’s trending in your community, relating to the car, and the lifestyles of those who love cars.

The New Hybrid Rolls Royce!

What’s trending in your community? Trucks, SUV’s and Electric cars.

AL trending
TRENDING: Car turntable for your garage

Autolife Magazine highlights the trends in car sales, aftermarket product sales and performance products sales. And the lifestyles… auto related fashion, where you get your car washed, and where you drive – weekend getaways with like-minded folks are very popular.

It doesn’t stop there, we will put the focus on the little things we’re starting to see in the community to help you find where to buy. Fashion, economy, and environment will all be part of the picture. Dining, nightlife and weekend getaways will show you what others with the same interests as you are doing.

To determine how drivers are looking to improve their car experiences, we identified the biggest search trends in the sector by pulling top-volume queries related to the automotive category. For this report, we looked beyond Google Search to YouTube data. We also spoke to over 1,000 consumers across three markets to better understand how the trends manifest in people’s lives.

This allowed us to uncover trends unique to three major markets: the U.S., Germany, and Japan. Americans are outfitting their cars for their pets. Germans seem obsessed with digital radio and other updates. And the Japanese are turning their cars into living rooms.

But across all markets, we see a consistent trend in consumers searching to bring on-board cameras into their vehicles. Many cars already feature back-up cameras, but car shoppers are looking for different types of cameras to meet different needs as they prioritize safety and security.

This creates an opportunity for camera and accessory marketers, but the auto industry should also be thinking about how to integrate new styles of on-board cameras directly into vehicle design.

To see more about trending searches for on-board cameras and how drivers are looking to improve their car experiences.

L.A. County Drive


Audi at the Snake

I hate to say it’s trending, but whether you call her The Rock Store, The Snake, or Mulholland, what a special resource Southern Californian’s have as auto enthusiasts. The canyons never fall out of popularity – but it seems like the section of Southern California canyon called ‘the Snake‘ never lets up.

Sunday hot laps at ‘the Snake’ are seeing numbers higher than ever before. Anyone that happens by can’t miss the crowds, the cameras… and the crashes! Many just gawk at the crowds, the motorcycles, and cars. The local residents pretend it’s not happening – The Highway Patrol can tell you otherwise. You can see photos at: http://www.rockstorephotos.com/snake.htm

What are we driving?


It seems like everywhere I go I see… or hear something about Maserati. I guess with the cars they’re selling they could get anyone’s attention. Hats off to them, they have found the sweet spot.

Audi is still trending, for those who can afford them. Corvettes tinted windows and custom wheels and tires. I went to buy a new pair of driving gloves, and couldn’t find any… guess they are NOT trending. Stay tuned, read all about the latest trends in this issue of Autolife.

Read more in the upcoming issue of Autolife Magazine

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